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Insight Counseling’s flagship location address is  7519 Mentor Ave #114, the offices are located behind the Colonial Plaza. If you pull into the plaza there are multiple retail stores in the front. Drive on either side of the plaza behind the retail locations facing the main road. There you will find a large parking lot and a double door entrance labeled 7519.

With over 12 full-time counselors and specialists at this location, we know that we can help you and your loved ones through almost any mental health situation. We’re proud to be a local and family-owned business with five-star reviews, excellent customer service, and a team of compassionate, genuine, and experienced therapists. 

Insight Counseling and Wellness

7519 Mentor Ave #114, Mentor, OH 44060

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Our Mentor Location Has Multiple Services For your Convenience

Individual Counseling for All Ages
  • Develop new perspectives on your life situation.
  • Learn the tools and coping skills you need to deal with situations in your life as they arise.
  • Understand and improve your most important relationships.
Anxiety Counseling
  • Gain a deeper understanding of where the anxiety derives
  • Learn coping skills to help de-escalate situations that cause anxiety 
  • Grow more patience and tolerance through mindfulness techniques
Depression Therapy
  • Gain insights about your past and how it’s impacting your current depression
  • Strengthen your self-worth, self-love and increase hope for the future
  • Understand patterns of your relationships, build social support, strengthen current relationships
Marriage Counseling
  • Make requests and complaints without criticizing
  • Improve listening skills and still feel heard
  • Take responsibility for behaviors and make amends
Early Childhood and Teen Counseling
  • Better processing, understanding and managing emotions 
  • Reduce undesirable behaviors and develop an awareness of their surrounding environment, family, school, and life
  • Foster creative energy and imaginative thinking
Substance Abuse Counseling
  • Unravel the history of your substance use and identify counter-productive patterns of behavior
  • Understand your “triggers” and develop coping skills
  • Build a road to recovery with your counselor that feels like the right fit


Family Counseling
  • Find strength in your family relationships  build a plan to grow based on common ground and respect
  • Understand your teenager and their actions, develop a strategy built on love and trust
  • Determine the steps forward in your separation, divorce, or emotional well being with your parent-child or parent-child-parent relationship


Online Counseling
  • Keep regular appointments and maintain your goals. Meeting online, in between regular visits increases client happiness and results
  • Encourages children and teens to interact with a counselor because it’s a medium they understand; online chats, internet communication
  • Some clients feel that the anonymity of face-to-face provides more open and honest dialogue


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7519 Mentor Ave #114, Mentor, OH 44060

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Our mission at Insight Counseling and Wellness is to help you be your best self, to have healthy relationships with those you love, and to simply have good days.  Our therapists can help you to improve your wellness and mental health, to gain hope again and live the life you want