Individual Counseling

Counseling for Adults, Teens, and Children

We’ll help you find your calm; that’s it, in a nutshell. Individual therapy enables you to reconnect with yourself or to help your child or teen connect with themselves. There are vast differences between the approach counselors would take between a teen, a child or an adult, but there are similarities in how you may identify that you, your child or teen may need individual therapy. We can help you determine the best course of action with you, your child or teen.

Benefits of Individual Therapy 

  • Develop new perspectives of your life situation.
  • Learn the tools and coping skills you need to deal with situations in your life as they arise.
  • Understand and improve your most important relationships.
  • Empower yourself and get ready to take on life with a new plan.

Issues you may be experiencing that we can help you, your child or teen address

Individual therapy is a process whereby, you and your counselor will work together to gain a better understanding of you. The counselors at Insight Counseling and Wellness are highly trained and experienced to help you through your struggles by exploring feelings, experiences, habits, and thoughts to develop your path to a better you.

Common reasons that adults address through our Individual Therapy sessions

      • Depression; the feeling you know, is not how you want to feel
      • Anxious and unrelenting anxiety
      • Stressed about life’s daily weight 
      • Struggling to communicate with others 
      • Less interested in the things you used to enjoy
      • Disconnected from the people who matter most
      • Less motivated
      • Experiencing difficulting sleeping
      • Struggling with confidence


The percentage of the American population suffering with a diagnosable mental health issue.

Common reasons teens and children attend regular Individual Therapy sessions

  • Self-Esteem and Anxiety 
  • Depression and Self-Harming
  • Relationship and Friend Issues
  • Bad Grades and Addictions
  • Abuse
  • Fighting
  • Running Away


Percentage of American teens receiving counseling for depression.

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