Anxiety Therapy

Occasional anxiety is an expected part of everyday life. It’s not uncommon for everyone to be concerned about things such as health, family issues or cash. You might feel stressed when faced with a problem at work, before taking a test, or before making an outstanding choice. However, anxiety disorders involve a lot more than fear or temporary worry. For someone with an anxiety disorder, the stress doesn’t go away and can get worse over time, and sometimes there could be little to no reason. You might be anxiously trying to get through an average day, always presuming that things could go. This fear can interfere with daily activities such as school work job performance, and associations.

Benefits of Anxiety Therapy 

  • Gain a deeper understanding of where the anxiety derives
  • Learn coping skills to help de-escalate situations that cause anxiety 
  • Grow more patience and tolerance through mindfulness techniques
  • Get relief for anxiety without using pharmaceuticals 

Issues with your Anxiety That We Can Help You Address

Anxiety counseling is meant to help you reclaim your life and stop living in fear. Our therapists at Insight Counseling and Wellness are qualified to help you develop the skills to manage your anxiety and feel some much-needed relief. 

Although everyone’s case is unique, we typically see the below symptoms contributing to abnormal anxiety issues. If you are experiencing one or multiple symptoms from below, you may have anxiety that you can learn to cope with by talking with one of our licensed therapists. 

  • Overwhelmed easily and unable to perform daily tasks
  • Excessive worry and doubt 
  • Racing thoughts and attention deficit 
  • On edge, restless and uncomfortable
  • Panic attacks
  • Irritability that could affect social relationships
  • Sleep difficulties that filter into the day disrupting routines
  • Phobias and fears that may be unwarranted 



Of those suffering with Anxiety do not receive treatment, although Anxiety disorders are very treatable.

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