Family Counseling

Quite simply, we help to repair, rebuild and strengthen relationships within the family dynamic. Often that means treating two or more family members together in order to address the challenges and strains on their relationships. However, it also could be an individual going through a familial separation, done by choice or by a military family member serving overseas. Whatever issues have led you to realize that your relationship, interactions or reactions don’t feel quite right with your family, we’ve got counselors experienced in mending wounds and healing hearts.

Benefits of Family Counseling

  • Find strength in your family relationships  build a plan to grow based on common ground and respect
  • Understand your teenager and their actions, develop a strategy built on love and trust
  • Determine the steps forward in your separation, divorce or emotional well being with your parent-child or parent-child-parent relationship
  • Uncover or develop the coping skills for loss, separation or grief of a loved one seperately or in a group setting; overseas, recently deceased or divorced/separated

Where we can help you with your family realtionships

Over the course of several sessions, we can help you or your family better understand the breakdown and process of communication that may be leading to the stress you, or everyone, may be feeling in their relationships with each other. Often, we find that families have identified one issue that leads to a therapy session with a counselor. It is not uncommon to uncover other systemic issues that may help unravel the heart of the matters and build back the respect, trust, and love that was once apart of your daily interactions.  

50Every family has its own set of unique circumstances and dynamics that lead to one or multiple family members reaching out for assistance in dealing with these issues. Below are some common family circumstances and symptoms of relationship issues that our clients are reaching out to us about. If you feel as though you, or you and your family are experiencing these situations or symptoms, give us a call and we’ll happily help you understand if counseling at Insight Counseling and Wellness is a good fit for you and your family.


  • Adolescent adjustments and familial role establishment; new family members in the home, new siblings or grandparents moving in, etc. 
  • Frequent parent-child/teen fighting or arguing regarding substance use, device/screen time use, or eating disorders 
  • Depression as a result of a life transition like grief, separation or divorce
  • Rising to the challenges of living with newly acknowledged mental health or physical health issues in the family
  • Coping with the difficulties of family separation due to military duty or leave of absence
  • Cultural, religious or racial differences that threaten the balance of a family’s daily lifestyle and work
  • Life/work balance that jeopardizes the overall family stability and happiness


Percentage of teens that develop lifetime mental health issues in their mid-teens not treated

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